Maria’s Story

“In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.”

Mark Twain

The woman behind By M. brand is Maria Marigliano Caracciolo. She is an Italian designer that began her career in the world of fashion in 2013.

Maria started her design journey by launching the By M. collection of bespoke book-shaped clutches in 2013, before moving into other design areas in 2018.

All By M. collections are handcrafted in Naples, in a traditional bookbindery located in the courtyard of Palazzo Marigliano, Maria’s family home for generations.

The First Collection: Bags By M.

Just like traditional books, By M book-clutches are handcrafted in one of the finest book-binderies of Southern Italy in Naples, at Palazzo Marigliano.

However, unlike other book-clutches, Maria’s design brings a distinctive twist, by providing a full customisation service for her bespoke book-clutches collection.

Each minute detail of every book-clutch is tailored according to the client’s wishes: book title, colours, fabrics, decorations, stamping, side page and ex-libris quote.


A New Beginning: By M. Design

A Law Graduate with a strong passion for art and beauty, Maria Marigliano Caracciolo has maintained a creative and emotional connection with the city of Naples, her family’s hometown. 

Her designs are thus inspired by the art, culture and heritage of Neapolitan imagination and savoir-faire.

That is why, in September 2018, Maria took her creativity to the next level by launching two new collections.

By M. Design is inspired by the 18th century “Italian Journey” – a cultural concept whereby famous artistic figures traveled to South Italy to experience the cultured Mediterranean area.

By M Wear collection consists of ready-to-wear items: scarves, handkerchiefs and pocket squares.

By M Home collection comprises of hand-crafted home-ware items: table trays, table mats and desk organisers.