Bags By M. is Maria Marigliano Caracciolo’s collection of elegant, colourful leather clutches.

The exquisite concept behind Bags By M. is the desire to give our customers the power to turn their favourite books into stylish hand-clutches.

All of your most treasured titles can be intricately bound and turned into a fabulously intellectual accessory to accompany you to the most glamorous of occasions.

By M. Home is Maria Marigliano Caracciolo’s collection of home and interior design items. This includes hand-crafted table trays, table mats and desk organisers.

All By M. Home products are carefully designed in our workshop in Naples.

We use classic craftsmanship methods, attention to detail and passion for art to combine modernity and tradition and create unique pieces that you will treasure forever.

By M. Wear is Maria’s collection of ready-to-wear item: scarves, handkerchiefs and pocket squares, inspired by art from the 19th century Neapolitan school of painting.

Maria’s  ready-to-wear collection aims to capture the stories and places of the 18th century “Italian Journey”.

This defines a famous, cultural concept whereby notable artistic and intellectual figures travelled to Verona, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Naples and Sicily in an attempt to experience the cultured Mediterranean’s area.