By M. Home Collection

By M. Home Collection includes:

In the 15th century ceramic tradition of Vietri sul Mare – the beautiful village on the Amalfi Coast – no table arrangement was the same. In respecting this tradition, we suggest you do the same: mix and match By M Home items to create your own collection of gouache paintings.

By M. Home Collection is inspired by “The Italian Journey”, the 18th century cultural concept whereby famous artistic and intellectual figures travelled to Verona, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Naples and Sicily to experience the cultured Mediterranean’s area, filled with amazing landscapes and works of art – from the classical to contemporary era.

Maria’s By M. Home collection celebrates the Italian cultural impact in the world, with a beautiful selection of home design products inspired by the 19th century Neapolitan school of gouache paintings and Neo-Classical reinterpretations of the Greco-Roman Empire

We believe paintings should not only decorate walls, but also your tables. As a result, By M Home collection gives you the opportunity to take the magnificent Southern Italian landscapes, sunshine and taste for life back to your own home. Travel in style from the comfort of your home with By M. Design. Culture is always the finest accessory.