Isola Ferdinandea (Graham Island) 1831 tray


Our Isola Ferdinandea tray is part of By M. Home Italian Journey Collection.

Every table tray is minutely handcrafted by Italian artisans.

Made of light plexiglass, with hand-painted wooden rims and gold metal handles, By M. table trays collection brings the Mediterranean spirit into your home.


Isola Ferdinandea is a submerged volcanic island in the Sicilian Sea. The English used to call it Graham Island. In 1832, while the entire Europe was arguing on who was the owner, with a big implosion, the island disappeared under the waves.

You can create your own table tray set by mixing with our other trays depicting volcanoes, like Vesuvio Innevato and Vesuvio Eruzione Notturna.

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40cm x 30cm, 36cm x 26cm