Set La Banda Degli Onesti – 6 Cork Coasters


La Banda Degli Onesti (The Band of Honest Men) is a black and white movie starring Totò and Peppino de Filippo. It is a hilarious story of honest men who try to commit a crime out of economic necessity, only to find out in the end that they are too honest to really do it.

By M. Home dedicates this set of six round cork coasters to the wonderful Neapolitan culture and its actors.

This set contains six cork coasters: Spaghetti e Vino, Uva al Pescivendolo, L’acquaiolo Ambulante, Balia con Bambina, Il Cingagliere, La Venditrice di Cacciagione.

10 cm



In the streets of the old Naples, Gli Scugnizzi (young boys and girls) invented all sorts of strange jobs and activities to make their living in a time of great poverty, but always with a smile on. There were many interesting characters, often described in movies, literature and songs. From “l’acquaiolo” selling water drinks, flavoured with a few drops, to the “guappi” eating spaghetti with their hands.

This new By M. Home cork coasters collection offers a joyful range of Scugnizzi, each one depicted in a daily activity.

Our coasters are made of a 4mm cork board, each one with a different print. They are fully sealed with a high quality lacquer finish, which makes them heat and stain resistant.

If you need help or want to create your own set, feel free to contact us.

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10 cm