Set Fanti – 8 Cork Coasters


This set of eight cork coasters is part of The Neapolitan Cards Collection we brought to By M. Home. It depicts the elegant Italian “Fanti” (The Knaves) – in pairs, holding Golds, Cups, Sw0rds and Clubs. They will perfectly match your glasses and protect your precious furniture.

This set contains two Knaves di Bastoni, two Knaves di Spade, two Knaves di Denari and two Knaves di Coppe.


This set of eight cork coasters is inspired by the Neapolitan playing cards. Its most famous game is Scopa. This exciting collection of cork coasters will bring a playful and joyful touch to your happy hours.

Denari (Golds), Coppe (Cups), Spade (Swords) and Bastoni (Clubs) will be given to your guests in the shape of coasters to accompany their drinks.

All our By M. Home coasters are square-shaped (10cm x 10cm), made of a 4mm cork board, each topped with a different card print. Fully sealed with a high quality lacquer finish, each card is also heat and stain-resistant.

Our stock is constantly renewed, so By M. reserves the right to contact you and inform you of new prints. If one of the cards becomes unavailable in the stock, we will contact you upon purchase and provide a replacement or refund, upon notice and with your full approval on the new print.

If you wish to make your own set combination, feel free to contact us.

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10 cm x 10 cm