Maria Marigliano Carraciolo Designer Handbags


The Art of Book-Binding

Drawing from an extensive background in the history of bookbinding, By M. book clutches are made using the same techniques as traditionally used by artisans. Only when the quality may be compromised does By M. use more modern craftsmanship.

The technique, patience, and pursuit of excellence have been passed down by successive generations of bookbinders. This ensures that the culture, heritage and traditional craftsmanship still remain unchanged over centuries, to this day. Quality is always our main concern.

By M. uses only the finest leather, silks and gold leaf technique to create beautiful and elegant clutches, which are a pleasure to touch, just like traditional books of the past.

The original techniques of bookbinding, leather stamping and coloring are still used in our designs. Our attention to quality remains at the forefront of our culture: each worker, with their own creativity, patience and skill are personally responsible for each detail of each product, as they follow all stages of creation. For this reason, each By M. product is one of a kind. You may only find small variations, which are due to the handmade manufacturing process.

We use only the highest quality leather, parchment, and silk, which are all an integral part of our working tradition.

Unique Bespoke By M Book Clutches

Inspiration & Culture

Faithful to the artisanal spirit, By M. seeks to perpetuate the company’s tradition of high-quality and excellence while continuing to reinvent the past.

Great manual dexterity, commitment to the craft and respect for quality are some of the main characteristics of a bookbinder. This is how they bring their work to life.

The insides of the Book Clutches are lined with silk Moiré and include a removable pochette, keeping your little treasures nice and neat. A magnet is smartly concealed within the book’s pages to keep valuables safe.

It takes six to eight hours to create one Book Clutch. Each piece of leather we use is unique, so each bag we make is unlike any other. This also means that the pieces will have natural markings, demonstrating the hand-made manufacturing process.

We recommend cleaning your By M. Book Clutch using a soft, damp cloth only. Avoid excessive exposure to water, moisture, and sunlight. Treat your Book Clutch with love, as you would your favorite book!